That approach considers not only investors and customers but others in the community that are affected by a company’s actions, he said. Rogers, chairman, and CEO of Cinergy Corp. said the property valuation Melbourne company has set a goal of increasing its purchases from minority-owned businesses to 10 percent of its overall purchases from outside vendors. In 2003, 6 percent of Cinergy’s spending with outside vendors went to minority- and women-owned businesses.

As I would like to think, this is totally the wrong approach to try for most High Street law offices (my experience for the greater part of the 14 years that I honed). They will have volume and a monstrous database to market to. Contending on value would be totally useless.

That amounted to $58 million, of which $22 million went to firms in Cinergy’s service area in Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Indiana, said Cinergy spokesman Steve Brash. Cincinnati officials approved a land swap deal Wednesday with Hamilton County, giving the city a parcel in Bond Hill in exchange for the county getting various other properties, including a parking lot near the Broadway Commons site.

City Council voted 8-1 to accept the deal, which ends a nearly decade-old legal battle over the county’s plan to build a juvenile jail in Bond Hill. Hamilton County commissioners already had endorsed the swap. Under the deal, Hamilton County will sell a 25-acre parcel where the jail was planned — on the former Millcreek Psychiatric Hospital for Children site — to the city for $300,000, considerably less than the $1.5 million that the county paid to buy the parcel.

You ought to just finish on administration. This is presumably the one region where you can win, and win easily. When you give an extraordinary administration, and afterward, and this is the hard bit for most conveyancing specialists, keep the relations home information pack with the client alive long after the matter file is dead, then and at exactly that point would you be able to offer your administration and charge a sensible cost.

In return, Cincinnati would agree to give away three parcels: the Drake Hospital site in Hartwell, the Hillcrest School site in Springfield Township and a triangular-shaped parking lot at the corner of Eggleston and Reading roads, near the Hamilton County Justice Center. In terms of acreage alone, the county is getting more than three times as much land as the city, but Cincinnati officials have long wanted the Millcreek site to build homes and possibly offices there and help boost the nearby Bond Hill, Roselawn, and Paddock Hills neighborhoods