Property investor you physically having to go out there buy property renovated to what if your going to do to get it back on the market sell it look for you next one and it’s much hard work and at the end of the day I’ve seen people try and buy and rent on resale properties and let’s say they make grand they’re dealing they do two in a year or three in a year that’s good money but the reality is is that as you’re buying renting and reselling you’re not building an asset-based see net worth position ain’t changing are you doing is creating an active income by doing that you know.

I personally believe in a strong advocate of buying hold and building the portfolio to take care of you you know it’s it’s something initially my goal was to get ten properties by the age of thirty have the rents come in with their one hundred dollars per week positive cash flows see the properties go from to grand of green and double in value few Miller net worth and then having a passive income stream so don’t have to do anything the reality isis that you could use that stones strategy and say okay you’ve got or properties they’ve doubled in value you pay out the dead because you don want to have died in the future and you know you end up having.

A property portfolio unencumbered that’s bringing in positive cash flow a lot and look on the same strategy as you and a lot of people might tell the skeptics might argue well what if the market does nothing for five years are you just kindof sitting there waiting for stuff to happen you’re not being active and I guess our parents generation saying you’re lazy you’re sitting on the beach for five years you’re not doing anything you should be working that money harder exactly and you know I believe through the GFC that else best opportunity out is more and baffle to say bye when others agreed about what others are fearful and so when Adelaide Property Valuers.