I am Michael p involved completely in giving various kinds of tax advices to the people. The system of paying of taxes has been occurring since many years. This system of paying of taxes is still continuing as well will keep on continuing till the people would be continuing with the buying as well as selling of goods.

The people here are involved in buying as well as selling of property. We have to pay a little amount for the tax when we do the buying and selling for anything. Here the people involved are able to get the required results with very accuracy as well as with efficiency.

Some part of tax is compulsorily to be paid by the people working here. The part of tax completely depends on the amount of the property. Every person has to pay some part of tax as this is his moral responsibility. If a person fails to do so he has to face many sorts of punishments as well as penalties.

These all punishments as well as penalties are well decided by the government and the common people have to follow them completely. For the smooth functioning of the society it has to be followed